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"Sole Scrubber" Foot Wash Mat

"Sole Scrubber" Foot Wash Mat
Foot Exfoliating Shower Mat
Foot Scrubber For Shower Floor
Bath Mat With Foot Cleaner
"Sole Scrubber" Foot Wash Mat
Bath & Body Tools

"Sole Scrubber" Foot Wash Mat


Take a cue from Asian culture and make foot washing a part of your daily ritual with this fun and convenient foot-shaped mat! Soft, pliant plastic bristles give your tootsies a good, sudsy scrubbing, getting between toes - while massaging the whole sole. 

Suction cups secure the mat to the tub or shower floor for safe leverage while cleaning - and stick to tile walls to drip-dry after use. No arduous bending or stretching to reach feet in a slippery shower. 

Daily use keeps feet clean, fresh-smelling and soft, preventing hard skin and calluses from forming.


ENJOY: Lay foot mat on shower or tub floor and spritz Earth Therapeutics Foamy Foot Shampoo (or favorite body wash) onto mat.  Rub foot back and forth on mat to froth bubbles and scrub soles, then rinse foot under water.  Repeat with other foot.  

CARE:  After use, rinse under running water and attach with suctions to tiled wall to drip dry.  

TIP: Use with Earth Therapeutics Foamy Foot Shampoo for a wonderfully fragrant and sudsy foot ablution that you'll look forward to every morning or night.

Product of China


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