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Calamine Pink Clay Sheet Mask

  • Did You Know?

    Calamine has been used for over 3500 years as a result of its positive skin benefits such as reducing irritation, treating hyperpigmentation and helping with eczema conditions
  • Help Tame Acne Flare Ups

    This mask has anti-inflammatory properties and can temporarily reduce redness from acne flare ups
  • Great for Tackling Oily Skin

    An astringent, it can be used as a mattifier, without drying out the skin, as it contains glycerin
  • Calm the effects of hormonal skin

    Helps calm blotchy, dry, irritated skin as a result of hormonal flare ups such as pregnancy and ones menstrual cycle
  • Promote Radiant Skin

    Calamine contains an ingredient called “kaolin” which helps to promote radiant skin
  • Soothes Sunburn

    Extremely beneficial for sunburnt skin, as after it is applied the calamine evaporates, which has a cooling effect
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