Ahoy, mates! Planning to take your next getaway out to sea? Maybe you've been mulling over the idea after binging Below Deck or getting nostalgic with vintage episodes of The Love Boat. Or perhaps the idea of exploring multiple exotic locales with the comfort of a floating “home base” appeals to your wanderlust without the work. 

From five-star boutique boats to giant floating amusement parks with all the bells and whistles and then some, there’s no denying that cruising is more popular than ever, with a ship fit for every sailor’s fantasy.

With luxurious amenities, varied destinations, and a temporary escape from the stresses of daily life, setting sail allows you to truly unwind and reset.

However, between dehydrating cabin air conditioning, drying ocean breezes, and being on-the-go from sunup to sundown, a cruise can also pose some skin care and self-care challenges. Luckily, packing a few compact yet mighty travel essentials can help you maintain your routine and arrive home refreshed rather than worn out.

Revive Dry Skin with Ultra-Hydrating Heroes

Nothing zaps moisture from skin quite like the combination of air conditioning and salt air. Combat dehydration and dullness with the Yuzu Overnight Moisture Mask.

This concentrated yet gentle treatment contains Vitamin C-rich Yuzu extract to revive tired skin. The petite package contains 5-7 applications - perfect for a week-long cruise. Simply smooth on your face before bed and let it work its rehydrating magic while you sleep.

Another must-have hydrator is the travel-friendly Cracked Heel Repair stick. This nourishing solid formula glides on smoothly to provide immediate relief for thirsty feet, dry hands, and any patchy areas in need of conditioning. Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E make this a powerful multi-tasker for face, elbows, body – anywhere dryness strikes.

Unwind Completely with Relaxation Remedies  

Hitting a normal sleep schedule can be challenging when dealing with changing time zones and unfamiliar stateroom surroundings. Pack the Dream Zone Sleep Mask to completely block out light and cues for wakefulness so you can drift off with ease. Made of premium silk with a contoured design, it's ultra-gentle on delicate eye areas.

For an extra sensory assist into slumber, enhance your sleep sanctuary with the Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist. A few spritzes of this aromatherapeutic spray instantly fills the air with relaxing Lavender, Bergamot, and Chamomile scents to lull you into a peaceful night's sleep. The TSA-approved travel size lets you bring serenity along for every leg of your journey.

Refresh + Recharge for Non-Stop Adventure

Cruises make it easy to pack in activities from dawn until dusk. Be sure to stash some pick-me-up essentials in your day bag to refresh and recharge whenever

needed. The 3-pack of Makeup Remover Wipes allows you to quickly remove sweat, sunscreen, and grime after an active shore excursion or sweaty workout.

Slip on the incredibly soft Aloe Socks after showering to invigorate tired tootsies. Made with cooling Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, they coddle feet in cloud-like comfort. They're also perfect for padding around the stateroom, eliminating the need for bulky slippers that hog precious suitcase space.

After a day chock full of exploring or doing the absolute least by the pool and before the night kicks off, a revitalizing shower is a must. The Ultra-Absorbent Quick-Dry Hair Towel makes quick work of sopping wet strands so you can get ready in a flash and be out the door in no time. When not in use, the microfiber towel compacts down to nearly nothing for easy stowing.

With a few thoughtfully selected luxury basics in your luggage, you can ensure every moment of your cruise is spent prioritizing comfort, relaxation, and total self-care. Sailin', take me away into serenity!