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Mani-care Kit

Mani-care Kit manicare kit
Mani-care Kit manicare kit2
Mani-care Kit PKG-front
Mani-care Kit PKG-back

Mani-care Kit


Indulge your hard-working hands with our Mani-Care Kit, featuring our most advanced therapies including the Moisturizing Hand Gloves, Nail Brush and Manicure Set packaged in an earth-friendly, reusable zippered bag.


The Moisturizing Hand Gloves seal in nourishing ingredients to hydrate dry hands, while the Nail Brush cleans and buffs nails to a healthy shine. The Manicure Set containing a quality, high grade cuticle trimmer, nail clipper, tweezers, and scissors in a compact case provides precision grooming and accuracy.

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