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Bath & Body Tools

Loofah Bath Pad

Loofah Bath Or Shower Pad
Natural Vegetable Fiber Loofah Bath Pad
Bath & Body Tools

Loofah Bath Pad


A staple for the bath or shower, this 5” x 7” oval, dual-sided Loofah Bath Pad exfoliates surface impurities, allowing skin to breathe freely, naturally.  The other side is covered with waffle terry cloth weave.

An elastic strap secures the hand during cleansing as you gently massage from head to toe to reveal fresh, healthy and revitalized skin.


CARE:  After use, rinse and squeeze out excess water.  Hang dry.  Replace after 3 months for optimal hygiene.

CONTENTS:  Natural loofah one side; cotton weave on the other


5" x 7"

Product of China


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