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ErgoForm Massage Brush

Ergo Form Massage Brush
Purest Palm Body Massage Brush

ErgoForm Massage Brush


Get a handle on this dual function massage brush with our ERGO•FORM Massage Brush with non-slip ergonomic grip.

A cushion of mini massage balls relaxes tense muscles and stirs up circulation, while a plush matting of semi-stiff bristles gives skin a good buffing. Its special "wave-groove" handle gives you secure leverage as you soothe, stimulate, and exfoliate.

The perfect length for dry brushing!  May also be used wet with soap and water.


ENJOY:  Use dry for dry brushing and massage. May be used in shower or bath with soap. Regular exfoliation unclogs pores, allowing skin to release toxins trapped inside the body.

CARE:  After use in shower or bath, rinse under warm water and hang dry.  Replace after 3 months for optimal hygiene.

CONTENT: Wood base, handle and massage balls; boars hair bristles

3.75" x 12.75" x 2.75"

Product of China


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