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Precisso Pedicure File

Precisso Pedicure File
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Body Tools

Precisso Pedicure File


Lined with Crystalline Abrasion Cells, this Precisso Pedicure File effectively smooths away calluses and hard skin patches. The soft rubberized handle assures a comfortable grip - while the angled head allows for precise control and professional results.

Dual stainless steel surfaces offer varying abrasion: a coarse side for stubborn calluses and the fine side for gentle filing.

Tucked away at the tip of the handle is a mini file!  Perfect for finishing touches. Just pull out to use and snap back in to store.


Designed with a soft rubberized handle for a sure, comfortable grip and an angled head for precise control, it also provides dual stainless steel surfaces - a coarse side for rougher areas and a fine side for gentle filing. A removable mini-file located at the end tip of the handle allows for more detailed filing to give the finishing touches to any foot care regimen.

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