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Precisso Pedicure File

Precisso Pedicure File
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Precisso Pedicure File


Lined with Crystalline Abrasion Cells, this Precisso Pedicure File effectively smooths away calluses and hard skin patches. The soft rubberized handle assures a comfortable grip - while the angled head allows for precise control and professional results.

Dual stainless steel surfaces offer varying abrasion: a coarse side for stubborn calluses and the fine side for gentle filing.

Tucked away at the tip of the handle is a mini file!  Perfect for finishing touches. Just pull out to use and snap back in to store.


ENJOY:  May be used on dry or moist skin.  Most effective after a foot bath or shower.  

BEST RESULTS:  After treating with pedicure file, massage in your favorite Earth Therapeutics foot lotion to nourish and revive dry, damaged feet. 

CARE:  After use, rinse off polished metallic head with warm water. 

CONTENT:  Stainless steel metal head; ABS (plastic / synthetic latex blend) handle. 

Product of China


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