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Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow

Anti Stress Relaxing Sinus Pillow Mask
Light Blue Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow

Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow


This luxuriously soft, plush polyfleece Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow is designed to calm and comfort the body and the mind. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable head strap, it enfolds you in its embrace to relax and soothe, relieving daily tension and stress. Use it cool to soothe tired, strained, puffy eyes. One size fits most.


To cool the pillow, place in a clean, sealed bag and leave in the freezer overnight.  This item can be kept in the freezer until needed.  After cooling, lie down, breathe easy, and place the pillow gently over the eyes. The pillow will “flow” naturally and weigh comfortably over the contours of the eyes and face.  Use while resting, napping, meditating, or right before bed time. This pillow will comfort eye strain and induce a feeling of calm to both the body and the mind. 

Care Hints: This Sinus Pillow is made up of a cover and removable insert.  From time to time, it is a good idea to wash the cover of the pillow.  The cover is soft, plush polyfleece and is machine washable.  However, make sure to remove the insert BEFORE putting the cover into the wash.


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