The days are finally getting longer, and the weather a little warmer so naturally thoughts turn to…my feet. Yes, you read that right. Cooped up all winter in heavy boots and fuzzy socks, my forgotten footsies have suffered from neglect.

Dry, cracked skin, calluses, nail beds begging for a modicum of moisture. Apart from semi-regular pedicures, and a cursory pass of the loofa in the shower, I didn’t really give much thought to my feet. And it showed.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is this person on the internet sharing TMI about their feet of all things?” Because I barely believed it myself, but when I started incorporating this three-minute foot-washing into my daily routine, it changed my feet, it changed my life.

How can foot washing possibly change a life? Because it’s about so much more than clean feet. Focusing on the one body part that I’ve forever abused with pinching shoes and stubbing toes, feels almost indulgent. It’s a few minutes of gratitude and self-care. After the thousands of miles we’ve traveled on this earth together, my feet deserve a little extra TLC.

Beyond soap, a scrubby thing, and body lotion, what makes this routine so life-changing? Joy. A multi-sensory joyful experience that gets my headspace in a happy place. Here’s my routine, step-by-step.

Collection of Foot Washing Products from Earth Therapeutics

Step 1

After washing, take the “Sole Scrubber” Foot Wash Mat, and toss it on the bottom of your shower or tub. This hilariously adorable, foot-shaped mat is loaded with soft little scrubby numbs on one side, and super powerful suction cups on the other. Press down the “Sole Scrubber” with your foot to activate the suction cups, safely securing the mat to the floor.

Step 2

Drop a dollop of body wash onto the Foot Wash Mat, or level up with the wonderfully citrus-scented Foamy Foot Shampoo created specifically for feet.

What makes the Foamy Foot Shampoo so special? A trifecta of natural ingredients works overtime to deodorize, disinfect, and detoxify. Citrus slays bacteria responsible for stinky feet, Eucalyptus is a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing sore soles, and Tea Tree Oil destroys the fungus that can cause athlete’s foot.

Because it comes in a foaming spray bottle, you need only to take aim and fire away. No bending, twisting, or balancing needed.

Step 3

Now comes the fun part. Take one foot and go nuts massaging back and forth over the Foot Wash Mat. This activates the cleansing power of the Foamy Foot Shampoo, amplifying the invigoratingly fresh scent, and ensuring all the nooks and crannies between your toes get super clean. Swap feet and do it again.

Step 4

Rinse your feet and the Foot Wash Mat. I like to stick the mat to the side of my shower to air dry so it’s ready to go the following day.

Step 5

After towel drying, and while skin is still damp, have a seat and grab your favorite body lotion or oil. I’m in love with the Tea Tree Moisturizing Oil which absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue, and smells like a heavenly botanical garden. I like to massage the oil along the arch and across the ball of my feet. It gets the blood circulating and helps loosen up any tightness or residual aches.

To lock in the power of the Tea Tree Oil, throw on a pair of super soft, super fuzzy Moisturizing Aloe Socks. These work great for day or night, helping to soften any lingering calluses or dry skin.

After less than a week of incorporating a daily foot washing routine, take note of how you feel both physically and mentally. You may be surprised how quickly spending a little extra time on your feet can potentially revolutionize your entire perspective. At the very least, you’ll have soft, supple feet that smell and feel like they took a 5-star spa vacation.