The last couple of years have been eye-opening in loads of ways, but probably the most evident is this:

Moms are elite.

Working overtime to keep kids, households, and their partner’s lives running relatively smoothly against all odds, the pandemic spotlighted how challenging it is to be a mother, often without reward or respite. Their unpaid labor is estimated to be worth around $10900000000000 (that’s ten point nine trillion dollars a year).

Moms grind hard. Maybe you’re a mother and can definitely identify. Maybe some of your favorite people are moms. You or someone you love could even be a little nontraditional and consider your plants or pets your li’l babies. 

Moms aren’t a monolith but they definitely have one thing in common and that is the love they carry for those they consider “theirs” – they work tirelessly to make a house a home. 

Mother’s Day may have origins as a commercialized cash grab, but the sentiment stands: moms deserve to be feted to the moon and back. So while we rounded up some fun ideas for Mother’s Day, we absolutely encourage you to show mom the love any day of the week and any time of the year. 

Very Chill Mother’s Day Ideas

Regardless of what you spend, the key to a great Mother’s Day gift is to make it as easy as possible for Mom to enjoy. 

  • Breakfast in bed sounds utterly charming until an hour later when Mom finds the kitchen in absolute ruin. 

  • A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gesture…that Mom’s got to spend twenty minutes clipping and arranging in a vase. 

  • Dinner at her favorite restaurant? Sensational. Unless Mom’s stuck making reservations, getting the kiddos dressed and ready, or arranging for a babysitter.

While planning for Mom’s big day, this Sunday or any other day, keep this in mind: a chore is not a gift. Otherwise, let your imagination run wild and if you need a little inspo, check out the following gifting ideas:

For the Mom who doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it

Plan a movie night at home. Grab her favorite snacks or takeout, kit out the TV area with snuggly blankets, pillows, and dim the lights. Mom’s choice, no complaints, period. 

For the Mom who feels too guilty to take a day for herself
Load up Mom’s e-reader with all her spicy faves and lovingly send her on her way. Have her set the phone on Do Not Disturb (have a contingency plan for emergencies) and let her enjoy a day of doing nothing but centering herself. 

  • Pack a picnic for a park or beach day with snacks, a throw, sunscreen, and other essentials.

  • Book a night at a local bed and breakfast or hotel. Let Mom decide if she wants to book spa treatments, or do her own thing and go Goblin Mode for 18 hours. 

For the Mom who says they grow up too fast
Stopping time may be out of reach for anyone who is not Dr. Strange, the next best thing is creating mementos now to treasure later. 

For the Mom who loves a classic bouquet
Tried and true, a gorgeous spring bouquet never goes out of style: the little black dress of Mother’s Day gifts. Just remember, flowers should come arranged and in a vase. The only thing Mom should have to do is decide where to place them in her home.