If charcoal conjures up images of grilling, you may be wondering why this backyard BBQ staple has started to appear in the personal grooming aisle and beyond. From face masks and toothpastes to macarons and layer cakes, people are eager to experiment with charcoal’s detoxifying benefits in totally new ways. 

Maybe skip the trendy jet black ice cream cone.

Activated charcoal is flavorless, so if you’re eating charcoal ice cream for example, it’s purely for the aesthetic and not much else. While it’s not overly harmful consumed in modest quantities, be aware it can affect some prescription medication. 

That’s because activated charcoal has some seriously strong absorption abilities.  

When heated to super high temperatures, regular charcoal becomes more porous. The surface has a negative charge, like the end of a magnet, and attracts the positive charge of toxins, binding them up and carting them away. 

Portable pitchers, home aquariums, and air filters all use activated charcoal to clean water and air by capturing ammonia, chlorine, and other toxins. It’s also used in medical emergencies when patients have ingested poison. In fact, it’s been an E.R. staple since at least 1500 BC when the first recorded medical use of charcoal was used to treat a particularly pungent leg wound in Egypt. 

Activated Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier that can:

✅ Yes, Definitely

💧Filter water and clean air (New York Magazine)
☠️ Treat certain kinds of ingested poisons (Mayo Clinic)
👃 Absorb household odors (Apartment Therapy)

🤷‍♀️ Possibly, Maybe

⚕️Provide health benefits like increased kidney function (Healthline)
🦷 Whiten teeth (Insider)
🍸 Help with hangovers (Byrdie)

Thinking about adding charcoal to your self-care regime but don’t know where to start? 

Summer is a great time to try out a charcoal-infused body wash. We love the Charcoal Purifying Body Wash for a couple of reasons. 

Powerful but gentle cleanser

Traditional soaps are great for removing body oils, sweat, and grime, but don’t do much for persistent odor-causing bacteria. Infused with charcoal, the Purifying Body Wash kills smelly bacteria and absorbs impurities released through the pores. Skin feels soothed and cooled thanks to a blend of pro-organic botanicals including peppermint and aloe vera. There’s nothing as blissful as a post-workout or end-of-day shower to feel refreshed and revitalized.

13/10 would recommend.

Great for: Everyone. Seriously, the scent is bright and refreshing, and skin feels incredible, almost tingly, post-shower. 

Good to know: The Peppermint instantly cools overheated skin and the Aloe Vera helps soothe sun-exposed skin.

Try with: the Deep Purifying Bubble Mask and the Purifying Foot Mask to experience the extra detoxifying benefits of charcoal. A pair of Purifying Exfoliating Gloves work great with the Charcoal Purifying Body Wash for a seriously intense shower experience.