A postcard aesthetic featuring a young barefoot man walking along a sand dune carrying his boots.

Move over #HotGirlSummer; we’re stepping into Barefoot-Boy Summer!

Babe, wake up. A new culture trend just dropped. Move over #HotGirlSummer, we’re stepping into Barefoot-Boy Summer!

I’m sorry, what? Or more importantly, why?

Barefoot-Boy Summer popped mid-May of this year after paparazzi photos emerged of a shoeless Shawn Mendes and his 'smoothie squad' padding around West Hollywood. Since then, astute culture vultures have created an archive of hot Hollywood hunks forgoing footwear including Jacob Elordi, Mike Sabbath, and Alexander Skarsgård.

A screenshot of New York Magazine's The Cut article on the Barefoot Boy Trend

Thought to be a response to the lightning fast trend-cycle of sneaker culture (with limited editions dropping left and right – gotta catch ‘em all!) and the restrictions of life during quarantine, being barefoot is being free. Breaking the cycle of decision fatigue by choosing to not choose at all.

Is walking around barefoot good for you?

That’s a matter of discernment, to be honest. In general, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for trash and broken glass if you plan to promenade in more urban settings, and that includes public nature trails, too.

Caveats out of the way, there are some truly wonderful benefits to going barefoot. Called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’, walking around without shoes creates a direct connection to our planet in the realest, most authentic way possible. Without artifice or obstruction, grounding allows a body to feel and vibe with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy. At least, that’s what fans of the practice claim.

Bare feet stand in a patch of dasies

“Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.” (ScienceDirect)

Modern living has detached us from the systems that sustain us, that which nourishes us body and soul. When we as a people were forced to pause the rat race during the pandemic, we were afforded the rare opportunity to truly examine our place in the world, and consequently how disconnected we feel. We are not on the Earth, we are of the Earth and the slow living lifestyle reminds us of that distinction. Slow living looks like planting kitchen gardens, canning our own foods, knitting and crocheting, and stopping to smell the roses on a barefoot stroll.

Wow, that sounds super deep. I’m in. How do you ground your body?

Start by taking off your shoes. The rubber and plastic in contemporary footwear, like those limited edition Jordans, insulate feet from the Earth’s energy. Unleashing the dogs from their foot coffins allows the body to connect to the healing benefits of earthing.

Now, take a walk. Seriously, just go for it. Because while there hasn’t been a whole lot of research on the topic, people who regularly practice earthing report enjoying life-elevating benefits including:

Just grounding for ten minutes a day can greatly impact your well-being. Clear your mind, set your intentions, or let your mind wander. And if you don’t have easy access to outdoor space, you can ground from the comfort of your home. Sit in sunlight, take a salt bath, or try an earthing sheet or a grounding mat said to mimic the benefits of sleeping outside on the ground.

"Tour de France athletes have been using grounding sleeping bags during competitions for years. By sleeping in these 'grounded cocoons' each night, the athletes experience accelerated tissue repair and wound healing, and wake up refreshed and ready to compete." (Earthrunners)

An action shot of cyclists zooming past.
Grounding overnight helps Tour de France cyclists recover, preparing them for another physically grueling day.

One thing, though: How do I get my feet ready for summer?

So glad you’ve asked because you’ve come to the right place! Earth Therapeutics was founded on feet, specifically good foot care, health, and hygiene. If anyone can get you ready for Barefoot-Boy Summer, it’s us, point blank period.

About two weeks before your little piggies make their summer debut at the farmer’s market, throw on a pair of Purifying Charcoal Gentle Foot Peeling masks. These are little booties loaded with a safe, effective blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that deep cleans, deodorizes and gently peels away calluses over time. It takes about two weeks to get the full effects of the mask, so plan accordingly.

Next, keep a Precisso Plus Foot File handy for a quick buff and polish after a shower. The double-sided foot file has two textures, one for tougher calluses, and a finer side for smoothing rough patches. The handle pulls out to reveal a smaller file for tight spaces under and between toes.

Before bed, treat yourself to a little five minute foot wash routine. This helps to create a wind-down signal for your body to prepare for sleep while finishing up your foot care. Load up feet with Foot Balm Enriched with CBD and don a pair of CBD-infused Aloe Socks. The CBD calms inflammation and relaxes the mind and while you’re resting, the botanical blends of Aloe and Shea Butter get to work, hydrating and nourishing your soles.

Finally, never leave home without a portable bottle of Tea Tree Foot Spray. Anytime your dogs start barking, spritz ‘em real quick with this deliciously-scented botanical blend of naturally antiseptic and hydrating oils including Tea Tree, Almond, Shea, and Peppermint.

The Hollywood sign on a verdant hill with a deep blue, cloudless sky

With a little preparation and daily self-care follow-through, your terrific tootsies will be ready for Barefoot-Boy Summer in no time flat. Just in time for a West Hollywood smoothie run.


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