Tell me if this sounds familiar: 

You open up your laptop and wait. Mentally, you had it all mapped out, from soup to nuts. But now, sitting there staring at the little blinking cursor, all thoughts have fled. 

Your creativity: stonewalled. 

You remind yourself this is meant to be fun, that you enjoy writing, designing, photography, singing, clay throwing, sketching, candle-making, knitting, dancing – but it’s no use. 

The joy has been sucked clean and all that’s left is a budding resentment towards the half-finished thing.

Creativity is not bestowed on the nine muses’ favored mortals, nor is it fleeting or temperamental. Tapping into your creativity is a skill, and with a little effort every day, you can train your mind to access it more readily. 

I think we are already creative beings and how you use that [creativity] is up to you. You don’t need to have particular skills; you don’t need to have particular materials.
— Sarah Urist Green (interview with NPR)

You’re Creative

Yes, you. Everyone has the capacity to mine their creativity, no matter your profession or place in the world.

Below are a few tips on elevating your creativity. All you really need is a notebook, a pen, and fifteen minutes in the morning to get started. 

We tend to believe in the image of a suffering artist. And that creativity is born out of pain. And what I have found is that creativity is born out of happiness, which is a radical step to take.
— Julia Cameron (interview with NPR)

Establish a Creative Practice

Anyone who has ever considered themselves creative in any capacity probably, definitely has a dog-eared copy of the classic, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Or a google search list loaded with variations of “how to get unblocked” and “finding creative inspo.”

Through trial and error, I’ve created a personalized, semi-regular routine that works for me, when I work it. No matter if you’re a Pomodoro aficionado, or an Artist Date devoutee, consistency is key.

If you fall off for a day or a week or a month or two, it’s all good. Finding your creative groove isn’t a zero-sum game; there’s plenty to cultivate and even more to go around. Be generous with yourself.

Morning Pages: This daily habit is the best foundation for kickstarting creativity. 

This is the “have you tried yoga?" of creative unblocking advice. Everyone’s got this little nugget tucked into their back pocket, ready to tell you all about their experience with morning pages.

Because the truth is: yeah. It works. At least for me, 10/10 would recommend.  

It’s simple. Take a spiral-bound notebook, and a pen comfortable in your hand, and just spew it all onto the page. First thing in the am, before you even touch your phone or a cup of coffee. Three pages and every rando intrusive thought that flits across the back of the eyeballs. Then crumple them up and throw them away.

With consistent practice, your mind starts to organize rambling bits of thoughts or mental junk, that’s been accumulating with no effective outlet. Every morning, when you purge these garbage bits onto the paper, you clear space for creativity.

It’s like taking a cluttered studio, clearing out all the trash, letting in the light, and creating a comfortable, inviting space to create art. 13/10 would recommend.

Quiet Time: In Cameron’s latest book, Seeking Wisdom: a spiritual path to creative connection, she recommends incorporating a daily ritual to connect with the creative energy that exists outside ourselves. 

Science agrees: a 2012 study revealed that allowing your mind to wander and daydream can potentially lead to better creative problem-solving. Think of all your eureka moments after stepping away from your desk, going on a Starbucks run, or in the shower

Artist Date: If you want to get humbled real quick, check your phone’s screen time logged for this week. For yesterday. For just today. “Addicted” doesn’t even come close to describing our relationships with our screens – all of them.

Last year, those intrepid and nameless researchers discovered that binge-watching TV can potentially dull the aging person’s brain

Instead, plan a date with yourself! 

At least once a week, do something that makes you happy. Maybe it’s a museum day, or visiting the bunnies at the local pet place. Sign up for a cooking class, or creative writing workshop, or a printmaking class. 

The point is to get inspired, get focused, or just get adept at operating outside your comfort zone.

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