It is a relatively unpleasant reality that, on occasion, even the most fastidious among us may encounter swamp feet, aka stinky feet. 

Feet, after all, contain the most sweat glands per square inch of skin than anywhere else on our body. When naturally occurring bacteria meets a warm, moist environment, like inside your shoes after a long summer day, unpleasant aromatic issues can arise

To keep feet fresh as a daisy, it’s not exactly rocket science: keep feet clean and dry. But in the hot mess of a humid summer day, easier said than done. 

We rounded up some pretty easy things you can start incorporating into your daily routine if you’re trying to combat even the occasional foot odor situation.

Keep feet clean. 

Most soaps will do a fine job eliminating the majority of odor-causing bacteria so use what you like and be sure to thoroughly scrub between toes and around nail beds.

We love the Foamy Foot Shampoo not only because it smells like summer in a bottle, but because the bright citrus, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils are an odor destroying triple threat.

For a cozy, sudsy cleaning experience, pair it with our adorable Foot Wash Mat which is shaped like a foot and suctions to your shower wall when not in use. 

Keep feet dry.

Wear clean socks. Easy. Choose natural fibers with moisture-wicking abilities like cotton, wool, or bamboo. 

For a sock-less look with a low profile shoe like a loafer or ballet flat, stock up on no-show socks. They come in a variety of styles and colors, including nude shades, to accommodate any shoe style from a Converse low-top to a Jimmy Choo stiletto. 

If you’re committed to actually going fully sock-less, use a foot powder. There are several major brands that make excellent odor and moisture absorbing powders designed especially for feet, or you can make your own using arrowroot powder, cornstarch, baking soda, and peppermint oil. 

The main objective here is, again, to keep feet clean and dry. Bonus if they smell great, too. For day-long staying power, carry a fun-size powder or keep some handy at your desk and dust your feet as needed. 

Keep feet happy.

If you’re planning on wearing shoes all day or walking loads, we highly recommend trying out a pair of breathable insoles. Insoles are a great way to extend the life of your shoe and keep them odor-free. They also provide additional support for your feet, absorb shock from walking or running, and keep feet cool and dry. 

Our CIRCU-FLO insoles are designed specifically for breathability. They come in a few different styles for varying comfort and support, but all are optimized for airflow around the foot. A bamboo top cover keeps moisture at a minimum and its antimicrobial properties combat odor-causing elements. 

Replace insoles every few months depending on your use and their condition. If they’re a little ripe, time to grab a new pair.

If possible, try to give your shoes a rest. Avoid wearing them every day to give shoes a chance to fully dry out and breathe. If needed, a quick hit with a disinfectant spray will kill odor-causing bacteria. 

At the end of a long day, or anytime your feet need a second wind, we highly recommend a quickie spritz of our cooling Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

Alongside Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic properties, the peppermint cools down swollen and overheated feet, and the aloe vera smooths roughened skin. You can use this directly after you shower, or just before bed, but we also suggest taking a bottle to go for when your feet could use a little reviving.